A Day I Hate

Within no time, a year old,
have no clue how time scrolled.
Unable to achieve anything;
I chose to cry over everything.

I hate birthdays; worry not
I ain’t from hypocrite’s lot
Neither do I wish you,
nor I expect from you.

Why is this so special?
It’s like any other vessel.
Just one among Seven billion
I knew, I was never a noble civilian.

What should I celebrate?
Anniversary of opposite gendered
mammals having sex?
I never asked for this life;
nor for you my dear ex.

Reminded by FB;
fake happiness just for a day
by faded people from life
back with crooked wishes.

Why are you wishing me?
To let me know you care, huh?
Stop that bullshit bruh !
Unable to express that guilt
you cover cynicism in a quilt.

Yea, let’s sing Happy birthday to you
Before we run away and say fuck you !

Published by DeceptiveMinds

To every soul who is reading this, by day we are two guys who drudge through the thing called life and by night we write about it.

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