A Gauge

Sweating and crying
Are the two things we know best.

We sweat for the outcome
And cry after the outcome.

In a perfect world,
These two make sense
Only with inverse relation.

β€œSome are born to good luck…
All their geese are swans.”
They sweat none and cry none.

While others,
Sweat through hurdles,
Sweat for work,
Sweat throughout life.

Outcome laughs
And they cry at night.

Yet, they wake up
Like it is just another Tuesday
Just start sweating, not
Knowing how much will suffice.

If only
They had a gauge.

Published by DeceptiveMinds

To every soul who is reading this, by day we are two guys who drudge through the thing called life and by night we write about it.

14 thoughts on “A Gauge

  1. Wow good stuff…your on to the wonderful facts of life! Its all a facade isn’t it? Tuesday for you? I am assuming you live on the other side of the world where tues has or is approaching 😊 true words deceptive mind..funny thing is I relate to alot of your words …

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      1. I have someone i adore on the other side of the world thats why tues stroke a cord with me..as for relating there are words and situations you write about that seem to be the very essence of what I have gone through with him for 10 months..funny thing it was a facade although my mind knew truths my heart said try again..his loss …i am a catch and life with me would have a dream ..many would love to be in his shoes and he opened the door for someone else to fill them…

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  2. I come from a haunted past ..my big heart is a flaw one that it seems draws in deception and narcissistic men…while no fool I try to believe the world is gentle like me..this one was a kick in the gut for me …yes moving on…while trust for me is not a really big issue I am a fighter and there are many who would love to heal the battle scars ❀

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