Why Do You Need Me?

You have friends and
a thousand ways to smile.
You have got reasons
not to look back and wait.

You have people
looking out for you.
Each, in an unique way,
I can never match.

You have a beautiful hair
coupled equally vibrant and fair.
Those eyes, your faculty to deceive
and your smile, your weapon
to win over and be your own.

So, I still think why?
Why would you ever need me?

Unless for your Saturday night,
while you, your demons fight
Or for a day when you are tired
and your work day backfired.

So before using me,
or exploiting my lonely heart
Answer me this.
Why do you ever need me?

Published by DeceptiveMinds

To every soul who is reading this, by day we are two guys who drudge through the thing called life and by night we write about it.

25 thoughts on “Why Do You Need Me?

  1. Hey dear, i have nominated you for Sunshine blogger award… do check my post and if interested please proceed πŸ˜€πŸ˜€https://sonibindaas571181659.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/the-sunshine-blogger-award/


  2. i still dont get why you keep asking on the whys of love.
    love happens.
    it’s energy, it’s vibration.
    no matter how many other people in your life there is. romantic love, is. and if handled well it can evolve into anything including a trusting friendship.
    there is no point overobsessing and overanalyzing the whys and the interconnectedness to the other if you are not ready to let go and you keep getting stuck in that analysis paralysis downfall.
    you see, sometimes some romantic connections only happen once or twice in a lifetime. so it’s your choice to either regret or move forward and take the plunge, as long as you try your best and are mindful and understanding of the other needs.
    this is my very friendly advice
    to you.

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