The Silent Spectator

I am named after
places and people.
I separate
places and people.

They soak me with piss,
never thank me.
They graffiti me,
call it art.

Weathering skin
and fractures
are just my facade.

I am old yet rigid,
I have seen everything.
Seen the empires fall in a day.
Seen the atrocities at night.

Seasons sore and scar me,
I have witnessed
every crime.
Before me and behind me.

I protect the inside world
from the outside.
Sadly, I hide truths of the inside world
from the outside.

Do these things bother me?
I don’t know.
I’m just a wall.

Published by DeceptiveMinds

To every soul who is reading this, by day we are two guys who drudge through the thing called life and by night we write about it.

22 thoughts on “The Silent Spectator

  1. Dear deceptive,

    Your wall has spoken to you. It has a voice, a tongue, a pen to articulate.

    In our families, when we are to speak low, the elders say :: Speak soft. The walls have ears.

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  2. Oh my….what a beautiful rhyme….this wall is simply divine….it carries rainbow lines….when the sun & clouds sprinkle their shine….your wall look so magnificent coz you are the heavenly sky

    Liked by 1 person

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